Soil Nailing is a construction technique that stabilizes slopes by inserting reinforcing bars into the soil and anchoring them to the soil strata.

Rebar with a Wedge Grip Nut

A wedge grip nut is built with a 3-piece wedge placed inside the ring nut to increase the bearing force on the plate.


  • SD400 25/29/32mm reinforcing steel bar up to 12m
  • Assembled with a convex plate and a ring nut
  • Uses a wedge grip nut to increase bearing force on the plate.
  • Anti-corrosion epoxy coated steel bar available (option)
  • Anti-corrosion hot-dipped galvanized plate available (option)
  • Anti-corrosion electroplated ring nut available (option)

Rebar with a Liner Screw Nut

A liner screw nut is built with a liner screw and a ring nut for a simple and quick installation.

Specification and Quality Control Standards (KS D 3504, SD400)

Diameter (Ø) Cross
Section Area
Tensile Strength
Design Load
D25 5.067 400~520 1.5 times the yield strength
or more
9.120 The quality of the rest of the components including ring nuts and liner screws is managed based on the allowable design load.
D29 6.424 11.563
D32 7.942 14.295

Installation Flow


  • Earth Retaining Wall
  • Slope