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Soil Nailing is a construction technique that stabilizes slopes by inserting reinforcing bars into the soil and anchoring them to the soil strata.

Installation Flow

Bearing Type Nail Fixture (Wedge Grip Nut)

A bearing type nail fixture that consists of a wedge and a fixing nut maximizes connection with a steel bar and increases the life span of a reinforced slope or a retaining wall.


  • Easy installation that can reduce construction period
  • Using a wedge and a nut, a bearing plate seats tightly on slope surface and increases adhesion force
  • Assembled without screw threading the end of a steel bar
  • Compatible with various sizes and shapes of steel bars

Liner Screw & Nut (Ring+L/S)

After drilling a borehole and inserting a steel bar, a liner screw and a nut can easily be assembled with a steel bar fixing nut tightly to a bearing plate.

Specification and Quality Control Standards (KS D 3504, SD400)

Diameter (Ø) Cross
Section Area
Tensile Strength
Design Load
D25 5.067 400~520 1.15 times the yield strength
or more
9.120 The quality control of a liner screw or a bearing type fixture is based on the allowable design load of a steel bar.
D29 6.424 11.563
D32 7.942 14.295