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Hand Removable Anchor (SAMJ-R3)Rotation, Release, Removal

SAMJ-R3 removable anchor is a product that prevents conflict with adjacent site or land by removing remaining tendon(PC strand) after the performance period of an installed ground anchor. A strand removable anchor is used in temporary earth retaining wall construction and improves constructability on site with PC Strand that can easily be separated from or reattached to the anchor..


Removal Mechanism

  • Stressing
    & Locking

  • PC Strand

  • Rotate
    PC Strand

  • PC Strand

Material of Anchor Body Frame

GCD450(SPS-KFCA-D4302-5016) ALDC12.1(KS D 2331)
Cast-iron technique Aluminum die-casting technique
C, S, Mg Al, Cu, Si, Mg, Zn, Feª, Mn, Ni, Sn, Pb, Ti
  • High tensile strength
  • Sufficient anchor force obtainable
  • Large bond area
  • Sufficient anchor force obtainable

To remove PC Strand

  • Rotate the strand clockwise

To reattach PC Strand

  • Rotate the strand counterclockwise

A sling bar should be used to load or unload the product in order to prevent damage to the product.
If the PE sheathing or the tape at the stressing length is removed beforehand, grout may flow inside the PE sheathing.
When PE sheathing is damaged, strand removal rate will drop and cause a quality issue when stressing the anchor.