RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENTBuilding Technological Strength

Technology Innovation Activities

Key Activities of Technical Research Center

  • On-Site Technical

    Provides Technical Solutions on Site
    Responds to Customer Demands
    Provides Product Data and Manuals
  • Quality Test &
    Material Inspection

    Quality Management & On-Site Testing
    Material Acceptance Testing, Intermediate Inspection, Product Test
    KS & ISO Certificate Management
  • Product Development &
    Technical Training

    Performance Test of Ground Anchors
    Product Examination & Field Test
    On-Site & In-House Technical Training
  • Exhibition

    Participates in Local Exhibitions hosted by KSCE
    Participates in Local Exhibitions hosted by KGE
    Participates in Overseas Exhibitions
  • Technical Support for
    Engineering Design

    Technical Support
    Structure Review Support
    Provides Technical Drawings
  • Industry Academic

    Joint Research of New Method & Product
    Industry-Academic Related Project Execution
    Participates in Joint Papers